Fab Dock

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Fab Dock The World’s No 1 Dry Docking Solution


Environmentally friendly, No more anti-fouling.
Protecting boats in 8 countries, 15ft to 100ft

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Boat Lifts International is proud to present a solution to your saltwater boating needs. In the past, saltwater boats have been left in the water to take on the environment using zinc anodes and bottom paint. Worried about growth on the bottom of the boat are the enthusiasts that pull the boat from the water twice a month to scrub the bottom, just to save on speed, gel coat, and fuel economy. Those days are put behind you with Fab Dock. This revolutionary docking system not only preserves the fresh pained surface of your boat, it protects the environment in the process. Arrive at your boat and within minutes you are out having fun, when you return, reverse the process and leave your boat safely docked, secure and dry, free from the harsh marine saltwater and marina electrolysis, causing damage to everything from outdrive to gel coat. With redundant systems to eliminate potential water touching your boat, your extra money previously spent on haul outs, anode replacement and bottom paint, will now be saved for use at your discretion.

Preferred in marinas, Fab Dock ties up just like your boat, no hard mounting, no dock power box, no electrical cords and no pumps to trip on or take up dock space. Fab Dock uses only your boat 12-volt system, via a small plug (provided), to run both of the pumps used to operate the entire dock. Whether your boat floats, as a side tie, to a dock, on a mooring ball or in a slip, Fab Dock is right for you.


Give us a call to receive your specialized pricing quote, or to have your questions answered. No more are the days of worrying about your boat at the dock in a storm, Fab Dock has your BOTTOM covered!

Reasons to have your own Fab Dock


  • No need to anti-foul your boat ever again
  • FAB Dock will pay for itself in just a couple of years of maintenance savings alone
  • The unique design makes docking your boat so easy
  • At only 24” wider, at the water line, Fab Dock fits into most boat slips and marina’s with ease
  • Shallow waters? Not a problem – if you can get your boat in and out, Fab Dock is for you
  • No more stress or strain on your dock or mooring ball than the boat itself
  • Your boat remains at water level, as not block your views.
  • Help the environment – by reducing the amount of toxic anti-foul in the water
  • Completely self-contained, no bulky and hazardous control boxes or pipes to trip over
  • No metal parts to corrode
  • No moving parts to service
  • You will save money on maintenance by keeping your boat’s legs, shafts and propellers dry
  • Increase efficiency on the water, better fuel economy, and a faster boat
  • It will improve the resale value of your boat
  • Built to fit Mono Hull, Cat Hull, Pontoon boats, Direct Shaft Driven, I/O boats, single and twin screw
Why do I need one?

✓ It protects your boat from the harsh saltwater environment.
✓ Aids in docking your boat, particularly in windy, tidal and strong current conditions.
✓ Pays for itself in just a few short years on maintenance and fuel costs alone.




How does it save me money?

It removes the regular requirement to haul your boat out of the water to re-coat your anti-foul, replace your anodes and clean legs, shafts and propellers etc. By removing the requirement for anti-foul you will save on average, 10% on your fuel costs.


To understand just how affordable a FAB Dock is, simply calculate how much you have or will spend on keeping your boat growth-free over a 3-year period and you will find the FAB Dock has potentially paid for itself in this time.




How does it keep my boat dry?

There is a submersible salt water pump mounted in a special housing built into the floor of the FAB Dock which evacuates all the water when in drydocking mode. It keeps your boat dry through the use of an electronic sensor. So when water enters the FAB Dock, through rain, waves or boat wash, it turns the pump on until it is dry again, then switches the pump off automatically.




What is the cost to maintain it?

The FAB Dock is easily maintained or, if you rather, we can arrange a six or twelve-month cleaning service, keeping your Fab Dock looking like new.




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